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Monthly Vote-Off

For New Years, I thought we'd have another monthly vote-off. Please vote for the member you think is hottest as well as the member you'd like to see rejected from the community. Check the comments on January 1st to see if you've been elected in either category.

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Even though she's a complete bitch, I think bride_of_nono is really hot.

mountainfaerie8 needs to be booted. I wish there were a "no faeries allowed" rule.
hottest: bride_of_nono

YUCKE: mountainfaerie.

i second the previous vote.
i_ln_i - Hottest
babii_tschida07 - Vote off.

I say

Hottest: labels_are4tins
Vote off: _kissmygrits

but the combined power of eyeawry and i_ln_i outvote me. This was a pathetic turnout, people. Sorry, mountainfaerie8. You're excommunicated.