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First name: Sharla
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: White
Country: United States
State/Province/Region: Wynne, Arkansas
Favorite color: Red
Top 10 Favorite Bands/Artists/Musical Acts:
2.Killswitch Engage
3.Six Feet Under
5.Life of Agony
6.Acid Bath
7.Superjoint Ritual
8.Arch Enemy
9.Dimmu Borgir
10 Lowest Bands:
2.Coheed and Cambria
3.The Used
4.Dashboard Confessional
5.My Chemical Romance
7.Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
8.The White Stripes
9.Modest Mouse
10.Franz Ferdinand
Do you enjoy reading? If so, what are some of your favorite books/authors? I do enjoy reading and I am a big fantasy buff. I like David and Leigh Eddings’ work. Pawn of Prophecy and The Redemption of Athalus are my two favorite books.
Films and that kind of shit:
1.Quentin Terentino’s movies-Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill Vol. 2, and PULP FICTION. I also liked From Dusk til Dawn even though he didn’t direct it, he did a great job acting.
2.Al Pacino’s movies-SCARFACE, The Godfather, Devil’s Advocate, Scent of a Woman, and Any Given Sunday
3.Other movies-Full Metal Jacket, Fight Club, The Punisher, and Jackass: The Movie
Favorite Women's and Men's Fragrances: Women-Victoria’s Secret, Amber Romance Men-Curve
Weapon of Choice: Seven-six-two millimeter machine gun
Job Situation: I’m a recruit in the United States Marine Corps. I got a job in Communication and if that job doesn’t go through, I will be in Search and Rescue
What interests you? The Marines, Al Pacino, Music, Mob Movies, Marvel Comics, WWE Wrestling, PS2 (Xenosaga, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Onimusha II), and Bam Margera
Dislikes: SHEEP… fucking one sided people who follow the crowd. People who cant think for themselves. The Media… ALL FUCKIN LIES. Politicians and IRS that wont let you get your job done. School teachers that run their mouths too damn much. People who drive in the passing lane, and bad hair cuts. Hollywood who puts a fake image. MTV!!!
What/whom do you hate? Michael Moore. I hate this man because he shouts out whatever the hell he wants, he makes movies and writes books for a living and every time he opens his mouth, he is on CNN. Now, people listen to this man. He only picks out bits and pieces of the truth. Where is honesty now days? Now, I am not a right wing conservative, but I just dont like this man.
What do you think of Slipknot? My brother is obsessed with them, but I’m not too wild about them. I liked them back when I was in 7th grade, but I guess I grew out of them.
George W: I'm not too fond of him... but I dont hate him. I think everyone makes mistakes, but his mistakes that he made cost lives.
What is/was your GPA? 3.0
How many languages can you speak?: Two. English and Spanish
What makes you think that you'll rate? Well, I’m a blunt, honest, bitch. I love being able to speak out and I love these questions. I’ll most definitely vote.
Where did you promote us? http://www.livejournal.com/community/babies_of_1987/52696.html?mode=reply


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