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Hi, I am the new moderator of do_you_rate. Nothing's changing except that I now have the final say as to whether new applicants do or don't rate, not that I won't take members' comments deeply into consideration. This is America. In the anarchy between one moderator and the next, I know i_ln_i took it upon herself to stamp new applicants, and while I don't like you, hopelessfool, I'll abide by her decision just this once. I actually can't tell what happened to glass_tears22 since her application always crashed my browser, but as she retracted herself I'll assume we rejected her first.

Look at this: link.

Now I must ask you all to get more people to apply, since that's all we do in this community. People advertise and then we get applicants, but then there's no impetus for more people to apply until we advertise again. That's why people create robots. Be like robots. Is anybody else a moderator, or is it just me? Find out here: link.

The banners have disappeared. Will somebody make me some banners? Since more people are rejected than accepted, we need multiple rejected banners. When I hate people, I want to do it with variety. I can't even advertise in my journal without an attractive banner. I need banners. Don't make banners with animated gifs.

Hey, and people should post photo shoots of themselves in their houses! If five people do a photo shoot, I too will post a photo shoot of myself in my house.

-Moderator ogo
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